Buying things made by craftsmen you know? Priceless.

| January 29, 2012 | 0 Comments

We’d been hoping to find a piece of furniture to put next to the front door, somewhere we could sit and take off our muddy boots, but hadn’t found anything that seemed right.  Then we discovered Donnie Criswell and Lux Woodworks, who make incredibly cool one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture out of locally-sourced reclaimed materials and beetle-killed lumber (of which we have plenty here in Colorado).

We wrote to him, exchanged a few measurements, and he got to work. I like beetle-kill not just because it’s plentiful and I like the thought of putting those trillion board-feet to good use. It also has the most interesting swirls and patterns of blue, green, and gray from the blue stain fungus caused by the beetles, making almost anything you build with it a unique work of art.

We picked up our beetle-kill bench this weekend, and we’ve been taking turns sitting on it for no particular reason.  It’s beautiful, affordable, will last forever, and I was able to shake the hand of the guy who made it AND support his work. A simple, perfect  hedonistic pleasure that I can feel great about.


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