Food Stamp Challenge Day 21: Less Than a Hundred to Go

| September 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

Well, it’s September 21st and our monthly budget has less than a hundred dollars left.  That seems very do-able on the surface, especially since we still have a lot of good staples in the cupboard, plenty of olive oil, and even a can of roasted tomatoes.

But it does make me look at some things in a different light.  For example, that pound of bulk coffee at $11.99 seemed to be feasible when we started out at the beginning of the month, but now it represents something like 1/8th of our entire remaining funds.

Is that still worth it?  Is the pleasure we get from that morning cup worth cutting corners on things like that perfect organic apple from the first of the crop from Washington, or a taste of amazing cheese?

Time to start putting together my shopping list….it’s the last few days of the challenge, as we enter the Battle of the Things We Like!





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