Food Stamp Challenge Day 11: Shopping Trip 2 of 3, or Figuring Out Where I Screwed Up

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When I ran out of canned roasted tomatoes, my palms started getting a little sweaty. I hugged the last can to my neck just before opening and dumping it into the Smoky Tomato Lentil Soup with Greens.  This was WAY last week, like FOUR DAYS AGO, and what was I supposed to do??

We’ll be together again soon, my lovely

What I did, after I was done hyperventilating, was take ten deep breaths, sit down with the recipes I wanted to make in the NEXT ten days, and do a better job of figuring out how not to run out of something I consider a staple. We also ran out of milk, but we didn’t suffer the existential angst we suffered at being out of roasted tomatoes.  Have I mentioned I’m the Green Hedonist?  🙂

So, this trip included not just a replenishment of our fruits and veggies, but also more roasted tomatoes and milk, as well as more olive oil from the bulk bar (which we came dangerously close to running out of) and a few extras from the bulk section like couscous and more lentils. We also splurged on coffee, some great cheddar cheese, and on a bag of pretzels for Mr. GH’s snacking pleasure during those long work days.

Our bill came to $92.49, which made me swallow hard. Added to our first bill, that brought us to a total of $269.49, leaving us with $97.51 remaining for the last third of the month. Will we be able to afford coffee?  Or….(gulp) roasted tomatoes???



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