Friday Freedonist: What’s Free in YOUR Town?

| April 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

We like to have fun, but our greenie life can be expensive sometimes, and that money has to come from somewhere (have you priced really good local cheese lately?)  So we’re always on the lookout for free things to see, do, and learn.

We live near Denver, which is hardly L.A. or New York or London, but it’s a big enough market to have something like this:

Does your town?

In the current listings for our city, it includes such things as free days at museums, brewery tours, wine tastings, food tasting, art events, outdoor classes, meditation lessons, yoga lessons, lectures on interesting stuff, author readings, puppy socialization classes, places where kids eat free, and a ton more.

Google “free things to do in (insert your city or town)” and see what it comes up with for you. Choose something that sounds different, or fun, or courageous to do.  Tango lessons for my introvert friends?  I will if you will.

We like to pocket those unspent bucks to help fund our green lifestyle, which continues to pay off for years.  (It’s why we were able to save up to put solar panels on our house a couple of years ago, which saves a mountain of money every year.)  Anyway, I’d rather have a good local beer and a home-cooked meal with friends than go out and spend $100.00 on two artfully-crossed asparagus spears and a steak the size of a golf ball.

Check out the free stuff where you are.  You might be surprised.



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