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A gardening geek?  Who, me?   (innocent gaze)

Posting the most recent presentation from a regular class I teach at our terrific local libraries, which is fun beyond belief for me. There are so many great people in my community, and it gives me a charge to empower everyone to learn the difference between a real tomato and a nasty store-bought one. Download a PDF from the link below:




Other Resources

Seeds Trust: http://seedstrust.com     Food, flowers, grasses adapted to Colorado
Penn Parmenter:   http://www.pennandcordsgarden.com/miss-penns-mountain-seeds.html
Peaceful Valley (organic): http://groworganic.com
High Mowing Seeds: (organic/non-GMO): http://highmowingseeds.com
Territorial Seed (look for organic in catalog/listings): http://territorialseed.com
Sustainable Seed Company (certified organic): http://sustainableseedco.com
Baker Creek Seeds (luscious “garden porn” catalog):   http://rareseeds.com
The Potato Garden: http://potatogarden.com (Colorado organic seed potatoes – order soon!)
The Garlic Store:   http://thegarlicstore.com (Organic seed garlic in CO)
Beauty Beyond Belief (lovely flowers, Boulder-based): http://bbbseed.com
Denali Seeds (serious cool weather varieties!):   http://bestcoolseeds.com

Get Some Professional Help:

GivenTrees: http://giventrees.com     Expert counsel, building, and education

Sundance Gardens Nursery: http://sundancegardens.com/garden-center.html
A great resource and they know what they’re talking about

Colorado State Extension Office: http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/pubs.html (fact sheets on everything from deer-resistant plants to pest management)

Penn and Cord Parmenter: http://www.pennandcordsgarden.com
Great seeds, great blog, and they sell plans for an incredible greenhouse

Local Resources:

Evergreen Garden Club: http://www.evergreengardenclub.org/
Evergreen Community Garden: http://evergreencommunitygarden.org
Sundance Gardens Nursery: http://sundancegardens.com/garden-center.html
Jefferson County Library:  Search the catalog at http://jeffcolibrary.org

Check your zone and approximate frost dates: http://allthingsplants.com/apps/calendar/

Surround yourself with support: The COHighAltitudeGardeners Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/340767049442238/ is one example of splendid high-altitude conversation groups where you can ask and answer questions

*Check your soil and make it healthy: Soil test kits are available at the CSU Extension office in Jeffco Fairgrounds, or at many local nurseries – call ahead to be sure. Jared’s and Echter’s are among the closest ones who have these kits.

Raise it up: Easy raised beds can be built with stone, cinderblock, or 2″ x 12″ lumber and a few screws, or use these super easy corners:   http://www.gardeners.com/buy/raised-bed-gardening-and-garden-boxes/raised-bed-corners/


Need soil?   A-1 Organics sells organic planter’s mix. See them at http://a1organics.com/ and ask them for the nearest retail outlet.


Protect it! Do you need a greenhouse, walls of water, cold frame, low tunnels? The books Four-Season Harvest and Winter Garden Handbook by Elliot Coleman …actually anything by him….is an indispensible resource.



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  1. Gardenarian says:

    Wow, this is terrific – congrats! This is great substantive information, beautifully and simply presented. I wish someone would do that for where I live (Zone 7, and a whole lot easier than your neck of the woods.)
    Thanks for the tip about the kelp solution – I lose a lot of plants after transplanting. I do try to be gentle! I don’t know what the story is with that.
    Thanks for another great post.

    • greenhedonist says:

      Thanks, Gardenarian! The kelp thing has changed my life, I swear. Taught to me by a long-time local gardener who always seems to have these giant, magnificent specimens growing….so I paid attention 🙂 In your neck of the woods I imagine that a good mulch would be super-valuable to keep the soil moisture consistent?

  2. GENIUS! What an awesome guide! You are truly amazing. Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge with the rest of us!

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