It’s All About the Delight

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There’s a breakfast place called Snooze that’s so good I can’t bring myself to put down my fork.  Seriously, I want to put it down, but it seems to be attached to my right hand, so I find myself reaching for my coffee with my left hand instead.  I just don’t want to miss anything. I’m afraid I’ll turn my head and they’ll take away the rest of the pancakes, or the last strip of perfect bacon. They serve things like a Chilaquiles Benedict, Sweet Potato and Ginger Pancakes, Grapefruit Brulée, and these crazyfantastic concoctions with locally produced yogurt and fruit.  The pork they use is pastured, the eggs free-range, the coffee fair trade.  If it sounds like it’s perfect for someone like me, you’re hearing correctly.

Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Tacos at Snooze

It was part of a day I’d set aside as a Live on Vacation Day — a day to incorporate as many vacation-like pleasures as I could, just crow-barred in there to create a mosaic of pure delight. First there was Snooze, then a long walk along a shady open space walkway with a friend, dreaming up ideas for a new business. The smell of lilacs was thick in spots, so it was like swimming through pockets of olfactory bliss.  I shopped briefly for something comfortable and soft and all about me, no one else’s opinions mattered. I took a new way home through a beautiful canyon, and then took a nap in the hammock.

This little mini-vacation was just as refreshing as it would’ve been if I’d flown to a resort, minus the security lines, overhead bin wars, taxis, tips, and double-digit-priced umbrella drinks.  A fraction of the price and the carbon footprint – and now, as evening falls, I am still in a state of blissful relaxation.  I am thinking about the tricks I had to employ in order to make space for this time, and truthfully it wasn’t too hard.

It took desire, a little flexibility, a suspension of the puritan work ethic for a while. My inner critic kept telling me I should be working.  I kept feeding him hash browns.

So it’s settled, then:  I’ll be experimenting in the coming weeks with different models for the Live on Vacation Day — ways to inject doses of this extreme delight into my life on a regular basis. I’ll share mine with you, and please feel free to share yours.


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