Living on Vacation Every Day

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When my wonderful free-range friend Stacy started a small business called “Live on Vacation Every Day,” I have to admit my first reaction was like the one you’d feel if your favorite kid just told you he was going to build a moon rocket out of the leftover refrigerator box, “Sure you are. Of course you can.”  So I can have — on demand — those killer times I have when I’m on vacation, when my days are full of experiences I wish would never end? Um, yeah. Right.

As with most other hedonists I know, I’ve always been all about the vacation.  Sleeping in while covered with crisp white cotton sheets, enjoying amazing food and drink, napping in the hammock, relishing being somewhere away from my usual well-worn paths, with scads of time to relax and think and do Whatever I Feel Like Doing.  I’m the girl those Corona beach-chair ads were made for, minus all the obnoxious fellow tourists breathing my air.

The line separating vacation and Real Life for me couldn’t have been sharper.  For much of the movie of my life, the day started with some shrill mechanical apparatus invading my dreams before daybreak. Hit snooze 17 times, drag carcass from the bed. Speed-shower, throw on reasonable clothes, eat in the car. Spend a half-hour mesmerized by the blinking red taillights ahead of me, bathed in the smell of car exhaust as the radio spews out a steady stream of negativity. Spend ten hours swimming in the corporate soup, then home for a leftover pizza and a fizzy yellowish beer, and if I’m feeling saucy, I may try to read a self-help book that teaches me how to have a more joyful life, or tap into my innate creativity, or whatever. Wake at 2:00am with book on chest.

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

If someone had tried to convince me that I could shift my life toward one that felt like my vacations in San Diego or the San Juan Islands, I would’ve very politely laughed in their face.

More in next week’s post – and an invitation to contribute your ideas to make ALL of our lives more vacationlike, even if we feel we’re “stuck” in the nine-to-five grind.




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