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| February 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

In that irresponsible way in which an email link leads to another which leads to another which…  I stumbled over Brandkarma today. (for those of you who’ve known about it for a zillion years and that’s soooo 17 seconds ago, shoot me)

Their FAQ page says:

Brandkarma is a reputation system designed to keep brands honest and change them for the better. It’s not just how good their products are that matters, it’s how well they treat people and how well they look after the planet.

I also love that their FAQ page says “Thanks for being curious – some short answers to FAQs and WTFs”

Although a bit skeptical, knowing how easy it is to skew this kind of system, I’m still  delighted by these kinds of ideas.  As someone who is always looking for ways to figure out the “green” part of the equation  (from what companies do I want to purchase my hedonistic pleasures?) this is nifty.

Check it out, and rate some of your favorites or your enemies:


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