You too might be a green hedonist if…

| February 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

AND they can be fashionable...

…you’ve considered composting your wine corks

…you ask your server whether the escargot are free-range

…your push mower has an insulated cup holder

…your camping kit includes a champagne service

…you ask the Jaguar dealer if “this thing can run on biofuel?”

…you bemoan the fact that there are no in-car compost bins

…you have plans for the world’s first earth berm MacMansion

…you bring your own reusable bags to shop at Nordstrom

…you find the thought of a vacation in a place like La Tavola Marche almost irresistible


Well, a girl can hope, can’t she????   All kidding aside, I KNOW you know something that should be added to this list, so write me and share it with the class.


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